Virtual Teller Machine

Virtual Teller Machine & Virtual Teller Agent

The Virtual Teller Machine is an interactive video technology that allows a live teller to interact with customers at the machine via video chat.

What it does for you?

Manpower Utilization

All we need for an effective utilization of manpower is just one call center to locate the tellers for the daily operations in serving the VTM users throughout the branches. This may also benefits an organization by a convenient way of staffs monitoring and evaluation.

Fast Deployment, Small Budget

It only takes a few days for deployment and testing and they are of course less expensive than a classical brick-and-mortar branch. The large spaces needed for physical human counter can end up with costly rental, whereas the VTMs only occupy much smaller square foot

24/7 Solution

With a centralized VTA Call Center, banks can now have an option to provide longer operation hours up to 24/7 service. This is achievable since the tellers’ presences at the call center are not limited to the normal daytime working hours.

Multiple services, Multi-experts

Banks can serve a multitude of customer requests at a VTM because the subject matter experts from certain main branches can be added to the conversation too. No need to have the precious and expensive experts physically present at all branches to fulfil the customers’ needs.

HD Video Quality

VTMs have fully HD video with H.264 and AVC video calling up to 1080p at 30 fps. It also uses Real-Time Control Protocol which provides high quality of service data (such as jitter, latency, and round-trip delay) on RTP streams in order to provide an excellence video experience.

Service Tracking

Detailed logs and audio recordings are stored in the VTM for the purpose of future use such as service quality monitoring/enhancement or in any reported cases that require transaction evidence.

Real Time Interactions

While interacting with the customers during the services’ process, tellers are able to guide them by pointing out any particular areas on screen to be filled in the service application forms or assisting the customers to fill it for them, just like the interaction over the physical branch counter.

Expert Assistant

When interacting with customers, remote tellers can acquire assistance from experts that can provide the services desired by the customer. They do so by inviting the subject matter expert in-charge to the conversation or simply transferring the call to them. When the expert is done they would transfer back the call to the teller in order to complete the transaction.

Easy Integration

The VTA/VTM platform provides unified interfaces for simplified service software development and integration as well as the SDK for fast service development, integration and rollout.


VTM Application


VTM Video

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