MLCC Queue Management System


The MLCC-QMS links the ticket terminal, Queue Server, Media Player and Virtual Terminals via network instead of the traditional directly connected. The display is fully customized to suit your organization’s style and preferences. The system also features a powerful embedded Queue Engine that operates in a stable, Windows OS environment.

Web Based Solutions

Reporting, maintenance, and system monitoring can all be performed via standard web browser. Since it’s just a web interface, it offers ease of use and shortens the learning time required to get to use to it.No additional installation needed. Also any software upgrade is easily managed, as it only involves upgrading the main system controller.

Dashboard Views

Allows key performance indicators on the queue service to be monitored easily and conveniently in real time.

Report Designer

Besides the standard reports, managers are empowered to design their own report by selecting the desired QMS metrics and groupings. The user is allowed to arrange the sequence of the fields in the report.