Vastcomp ERP365

Vastcomp ERP365

An Advance Cloud based Enterprise Resource Planning Business Software

Bring your Accounting Consolidation, Sales Automation, Purchasing Control, Inventory Warehousing, Material Planning, Auto-generate Procurement, Projects Costing, Retail Point-of-Sales, Management Reporting and Analytics into one cloud based system. Vastcomp ERP365 Modules gives you unparalleled insight and a state-of-the-art foundation for transactional efficiency and control.

Vastcomp ERP365 consist of the followings Modules:

  1. Financial365 Module
  2. Distribution365 (Sales Automation, Procurement, Inventory Warehousing)
  3. Retail365 (Multi-Branch Sync POS)
  4. FnB365 (POS and QR code Ordering)
  5. Production365 (MRP, Computer Generate PO, Machine Control)
  6. Payroll365
  7. Management Dashboard365 (Android / IOS live info feed)

The result? More time to tackle your biggest challenges, like driving strategy and finding the best paths to profitability.

Financial365 Module

A new levels of financial efficiency and business performance with Financial365 cloud based module.

Anytime access to financial reports.

Gain immediate visibility into your organization’s performance. Workday combines transactions and reporting to deliver interactive, dimensional insight in one system. Stay informed wherever you are with reports and dashboards available on any device.

Control your cash flow.

Streamline payment processes and gain greater visibility over your cash flow.

Distribution365 Module

We know how painful inventory management can be, and designed an inventory management for your convenience.


Manage Product and Part Traceability
To ensure operational efficiencies and meet the critical compliance requirements, ERP 365 provides traceability from material origins through manufacture to final destination. Our Work Order Traceability and Serial Tracking functionality afford full visibility to the origins, build and sales destination of products, providing the means to easily trace and analyze the source of defects, should they occur.

In industries that require customizable end-products, flexibility, speed and accuracy in meeting customer demand are essential. ERP 365 provides you with the tools in order to manage your business successfully, ensuring a healthy profit while staying competitive

Retail 365 and FnB365

Cloud POS365
POS365 is a sophisticated yet easy-to-use POS solution that makes managing your retail stores easier. It collects sales data according to stores, products and staff in real time, helping you to identify problem areas and resolve them quickly.

Since this is a cloud POS, all your branches are connected to the cloud. Data is then synced seamlessly to the cloud. Your admins can log into the cloud to view reports, adjust inventory, prices, descriptions and etc. The data then synced back to the branches POS.

Payroll365 (Malaysia Market only)

Employee Management